My story

I was born in Czechoslovakia during the communist era and grew up in a deeply divided country that was going through significant political and civil turmoil. Freedom of thought and expression were not welcomed. Life was lived in silent observance for fear of retaliation. There was no tolerance for alternative ways of being and as a result I kept my head down and did what I was told.

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All throughout my upbringing I obeyed. Life felt harsh and brutal. There was no room for compassion or communal intimacy. Repression was a natural state of being for many people. Disharmony and misunderstanding seemed to be the dominant stories that were played out around me. Conflict and disharmony was normal and as a result I grew up desperately in search for self-love and fulfilment.

The joy that I had found as a child was taken away from me in tragic circumstances that forced me to learn how to let go. Later in my early adulthood I was drugged and physically abused. I became a victim and lost my self-worth. It became such a powerful story that I did not think it was possible to recover. My search for fulfilment manifested itself at the time in the form of a ‘spiritualʼ sect, though there was nothing spiritual about it. I was forced to conform to a dogma that only deepened my sense of disconnection and separation with the world. Again I suffered physical and mental abuse. The past wounds were reawakened and I plunged deeper into destructive self-deprecating behaviour.

My wake up call came in the form of a nearly fatal car accident. I survived. I chose to change. I left the sect, my family, my country and everything I knew. I went to Bali not knowing what I wanted, but knowing that this – I didnʼt want. It was in Bali that I finally began own process of healing. Slowly I began to open up. And in that opening I began to learn self-acceptance and self-love. I started practicing dance and yoga and reconnected with my body and remembered what it was like to find joy again in an embodied existence. I nexplored alternative health and raw food, which helped nurture my recovery process. My spiritual exploration lead me to the world of shamanic healing which opened me up to the powerful energy of creation. Over the next several years I studied, practiced and learned a variety of modalities each complementing the other which assisted me along my path toward self-healing. Within this time I deepened my understanding of my Self and the wounds that lay covering my truest expression. I learned how to forgive – myself and my attackers.

As I continued to evolve and deepen in my understanding I had an Awakening. I awoke to the simplest truth in existence; Love. I was able to understand that the unnameable.

Gabriella Amora

My Values


Rising above the criticism of yourself and others is the only way to reach our potential. To recognize the inner forces that move against and act accordingly is beginning of freedom.


Living your embodied potential is what enlivens our experience and gives significance to our lives. We become the change we would like to see by living our truth.

Self acceptance

Progress can only start when we are honest with ourselves and recognize where we are. Self-acceptance brings us back to our own self-worth despite our faults.


Divine remembrance of your connection with divinity brings forth that effortlessness through self-surrender – enabling existence to move through you and guide you toward your being.


Compassion is a form of self-love – recognizing that all our shadow parts are but fractured identities each longing for wholeness. Being that compassionate reflection for oneself and others is a powerful way to empathize with the world around you.


All life is but an expression of love. Everything emanates from, arise in and dissolves back into that same expression. That expression is You.


Professional Biography


♦   Somatic sex therapist

♦   Lifestyle and relationship coach

♦   Therapist

♦   Yoga teacher

♦   Raw and natural food activist

Gabriella Amora


Institut Somatic Sexology (Australia)

Thai And Aromatherapy Massage (Thailand, 2010)

Holographic kinetics (Perth, Australia, 2011)

Certificate EFT (Brno, Czech Republic, 2013)

Brandon Bays (Australia, 2011)

Like a pro, double graduate, Betty Martins (Berlin and Prague, 2015 a 2016)

Shamanic rituals (Leanne Edwards, 2015,

Karina Shelde Soul Voice® workshop (Bali, 2014)

Rawfood Radiantly Alive (Bali, 2009)

Yoga Teacher Training level 1 (Bali, 2009)

Yoga Teacher Training level 2 (Bali, 2014)