Beloved divine woman,

New moon is knocking on the door and with it comes even Chinese New Year which is in sign of wooden Dragon. 

You may feel that the energy of this year is quick and there may be already lot of change’s taking place for you and our evolution is speeding up so I felt it’s needed and perfect time to nourish our bodies, feminine nature and creative force in our womb and that I would love to support you in that.


11.02.2024 at 4pm Bali time

live on zoom

Invitation for you

What will you gain? 

  • I have created free webinar for you where I will share with you different practices and take you through guided meditation to rejuvenate, recalibrate and re-align your body-mind-spirit in order to bring forward your creation for this year 2024 of great expansion.

For whom?

It is for all women who want to:

  • Nourish their bodies, release emotional and mental stress

  • Nurture their feminine energy and soul

  • Give attention, care, and support to themselves

  • Cultivate from within their own self-worth, self-confidence, self-love, and acceptance

  • So that their kingdom of life, family, projects, service expands, flourishes, and is even more envied, and thus they can share with others from a place of presence, stability, abundance, or surplus, and inner integrity

  • Be supported by safe space where women come together in coherence and co-creation for best outcome for everyone

Your guide

  • Gabriella Amora

    I am a transformational facilitator, transpersonal therapist, mentor, and guide to sacred sexuality and feminine embodiment. I provide healing transmissions and soul activations in a safe and sacred space. I am an inspirational leader and passionate entrepreneur in the health and wellness field. I have evolved and grown through numerous trainings in various therapeutic and healing modalities, including yoga, meditation, and shamanic journeys.

    I am considered one of the pioneers in the Czech Republic who introduced the raw food lifestyle and, through my passion, shared and educated about healthy sustainable living. I founded the company Vitalvibe, which I led for 8 years with a new approach to feminine leadership. Together with my former business partner and team, I developed a successful business that contributes to supporting many people in making healthy food choices and increasing their energy levels through high-quality superfoods. Since 2011, I have been organizing my own 21-day training on raw food preparation called Yourelife with holistic components such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, group circles, and various healing modalities.

    Currently, I offer my integrated approach to health and vibrant living through therapeutic and coaching programs in person or online. Additionally, group seminars and trainings focused on self-love, intimacy, empowerment, and wholeness.

Sig Up

1. Fill out the form below.

2. You will receive an invitation by email to Zoom where everything will take place.

3. Just click on zoom link in your mail box and join me and other women live 4pm Bali time\ 9am Prague time or in your time zone -please check it in advance so you will not miss out this offering.