Quantum visionary mastermind

3 day online webinar

Embrace your best year 2023

Do you want to enter 2023 with clarity, inspiration, motivation, energy alignment, your vibrational match and with a heartfelt action plan?

And with a clear action plan downloaded from your higher Self? Then this is for you!

Quantum Visionary Mastermind

Does it call you to ground your vision, mission, your soul’s desire and a new way of functioning in the world?

Does it lead you to build your work from new foundations, on new systems, ways of thinking, emotional settings and new principles?

Do you need to be more clear about what your values are, who you are, where you want to invest your energy and what you want to create?

It is related to what place you create from, whether it is from limitation, lack, fear, trauma in any form or from trust, attunement, connection, sufficiency and from a greater power within yourself, the wisdom of your womb, heart and soul.

What to expect?

Allow me to assist you and share with you experiences from my own visionary processes, through which I realized a multi-million company providing services to tens of thousands of people across Europe. I would also like to talk about the free lifestyle that allows me to live in different countries of the world and especially in Bali for 12 years and much more.

It works, and I will gladly not only show you how, but also guide you through my personal transformation process in the quantum field of all possibilities and help you uncover your resistances and limiting thought patterns, as well as integrate and fully embody your achievements from 2022.

Structure of the webinar

1. day

The first day of the Mastermind will be about introducing the transformation process that we will go through together. We will create a safe space for our time together. I will explain the whole process to you so that you know what to prepare for and what to prepare for the following days so that you can fully enjoy it. I will guide you through meditation so that you can tune in energetically, mentally and emotionally for the weekend in the mastermind. You will anchor your intentions and already look at what to build on from the previous year 2022.

2. day

On the second day of Mastermind, I will guide you through a transformational process to alchemize your challenges, what did not come true or happen the way you wanted in 2022. All this will happen so that you can release any resistance or limiting thoughts that could block and sabotage your ideal and best year 2023.

I will guide you through the quantum field of infinite possibilities to the highest potential of realization and manifestation of your soul, so that you can download into your conscious mind both the vision and the energy imprint and frequency of your field already from the realized year in accordance with the desires of your heart. You will perceive it with all your senses. At the same time, I will share with you my map, or rather the flower of the year, through which you will transfer your visions and inner world into graphic and written form in a feminine and playful way as the first step in realizing your dreams.

3. day

On the third day of Mastermind, we will follow up on the previous day. It is a key day when I will guide you through the activation of your Merkaba, your light body, and then I will guide you through the quantum breathing process to the manifestation of your year 2023. I will tell you all the information about the breathing process so that you can really safely, but at the same time, fully breathe to your potential, to Your essence, to Your mastermind and fully activated the reality you came here to live.

Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”

Napoleon Hill

What you get?

  • A deep feeling and embodiment of your achievements that you can consciously build on in 2023.
  • Releasing Blocks to Magnetize and Realize Your 2023 Year.
  • Connecting and downloading into your consciousness the vision and potential of your soul in various areas of your life.
  • Clarity, Direction and Inner Compass.
  • To be in an energetic setting to effectively, effortlessly, playfully and joyfully attract, receive and realize your desires.
  • Upgrade your mindset.
  • The support of a group of women in the realization and celebration of your achievements.
  • The power of the group to manifest quickly.
  • Clear instructions and how to do it, including a working model.
  • Performing the transformational breathing technique of quantum breath and manifestation.

If you are a woman…

  • who wants to live, enjoy and create her world,
  • who knows that she came here to create a new Earth and to be an active part of the transformation process that we are now collectively going through,
  • who wants to share her gifts and fulfil her soul’s mission,
  • you want to do something for it, and therefore for yourself
  • you want to get everything that is written in the points in the previous paragraph,

are you ready to take charge of your life?

Then this webinar is for you.


One of the women who anchored her consciousness and feeling in the previous activation said:

“Thank you, I am free, I am loved, I am love, I am joy, I am light, I am space, I am abundance, I am seen, yupee!”


Other reference: 

“Have a nice evening! I played the record tonight. It was amazing. I had complete waves, goosebumps running through me. When I was breathing, I even had a rush to the point of vomiting for a moment, but I already know that feeling and I know it’s a deep stabbing of the system. I still have a problem with my heart, it is very hardened. But I will return to the exercises and I believe that I will bring it to life with the intention 🙂 Thank you very much for this opportunity <3, I wish you beautiful days”

“Hello all women, I’ve only gone through 1 Mastermind recording so far, it was simply amazing. The year 2020 completely lit up for me and I realized, thanks to you, that it was full of big and small miracles, I’m seen, I’m brave, I’m finally giving space to myself and I’m not afraid to be “alone” as a partner, and a big realization that I’m not alone and I won’t be. THANK YOU SO MUCH. YES YES YES”


20. 01. 2023, Friday – 14:00 – 16:00 (UTC +1)

21. 01. 2023, Saturday – 09:00 – 11:30 (UTC +1)

22. 01. 2023, Sunday – 09:00 – 11:30 (UTC +1)

Live on Zoom

What is included?

♥   My program guide

♥   Support in private FB group

♥   Recordings from Zoom

How it works?

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Your guide

Gabriella Amora

I am a transformational facilitator, transpersonal therapist, mentor and guide to sacred sexuality and feminine embodiment. I provide healing transmissions and soul activations in a safe and sacred space. I am an inspirational leader and passionate entrepreneur in the field of health and wellness. I have developed and grown through many trainings in various therapeutic and healing methods, including yoga, meditation and shamanic paths.

I am considered one of the pioneers in the Czech Republic who brought the raw food lifestyle and shared and educated about healthy sustainable living through my passion. I founded the company Vitalvibe, which I led for 8 years with a new way of female leadership. Together with my former business partner and team, I have developed a successful business that contributes to supporting many people in making healthy food choices and increasing their energy levels through high quality superfoods. Since 2011, I have been running my own 21-day training on raw food preparation under the name Yourelife with holistic components such as yoga, meditation, breath work, group circles and various healing methods.

I currently offer my integrated approach to health and vibrant living through therapy and coaching programs in person or online. Also, group seminars and training focused on self-love, intimacy, empowerment and wholeness.

I am currently working on my mission to support and empower women in feminine embodiment and leadership and to facilitate positive transformations in collective evolution.