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Somatic Sex Therapist

My work as a somatic sex therapist is for those individuals, both men and women, who struggle connecting with their sensual side and for those who have suffered sexual frustration and repression, are victims of abuse, or struggle with sexual identity. This work seeks to connect oneself with their own authentic sexual expression by connecting with and embodying that sensuality with themselves and others.

Gabriella Amora

The work with me can be divided into the following steps

Meet Yourself

Come into a fuller recognition of your self through deliberate inquiry and investigation into the many aspects of self. By using the past as a means to unlock hidden aspects of self we journey through:

1. Conception, Pregnancy, Birth

2. Childhood, Growth, Coming to Maturity

3. Relationship with Mother and Father

4. Society, Family, Friends

This will give us the depth of understanding so that we might begin to recognize, identify and heal those parts of ourselves that have remain hidden from our being. By investigating the many stories and layers of identifications that exist in the mind we bring our consciousness to reflect upon itself – thereby bringing light into our shadow. Learning how to recognize various belief patterns, identities, feelings and emotion are an important part of this phase of work. Brining awareness to the mind/body and mindfully exploring the deep-seated behavioural patters helps to understand ones needs, desires and vulnerabilities. Practices can include:

– Inquiry, mindfulness techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

– Affirmations, visualizations, guided meditations

– Breathe-work, light-work, shamanic practices

Expand yourself

The ability to recognize and understand who you are, enables you the power to move beyond. Only when you know your self-limiting beliefs can you then move beyond them. Our ability to know is itself its own limitation – because we are programmed from early childhood, often our mind-set is preconditioned with a belief of limitation. To know your limitation is to be freed from limitation into the realm of boundless potential. To expand we must break the mould of our former self. It is only when we die to our past that we can truly learn to invite the new. Recognizing our past limitations and restricting thought patterns -free from illusions – unearths a recognition of being with limitless creative possibilities.

This un-manifest potential is the screen on which your life is painted. Learning that you are the paintbrush as well as the screen gives you the depth of understanding that you are free from all boundaries and are the Creator of your world. Some of the tools and techniques, including those above, in this process are:

– Ecstatic movement, orgasmic yoga
– Self-pleasuring techniques, learning how to receive pleasure
– Map your pleasure centres, identify
– Taoist techniques of chi (energy) circulation

Embody yourself

Come into a greater sense of knowing by recognizing, identifying and embodying your Truth. Through understanding we can begin to open the door of ourselves toward fully accepting who we are in spite of our defects and flaws. Self-acceptance plays a pivotal role in the path toward self-healing as it is a move toward embodying unconditional self-love.

The path toward self-embodiment is one of radical honesty. Moving more fully (into) being with the various parts of themselves which opens up into a place of unconditional existential bliss. one continually confronts ones own truth as it unfolds. This radical honesty is recognized within oneself as sincerity – an openness toward being which leads one toward softening in the heart.

Transparent communication helps to further embody, create, and actualize from that space of being – nurtured through a deep authentic recognition. By exposing our vulnerabilities we can finally open up to our weaknesses and fully meet ourselves with the gaze of unconditional love.

Practices in this process can include those above as well as:

– Transparent communication, authentic relating
– Journaling, body movement, creative expression
– Body work, massage, intimate contact, sensual touch

Enjoy yourself

Joy is your natural state. A state that is unconditional to whatever is happening in your life. Learning how to recognize the brimming potential that is self-existent helps to connect oneself with the lightness of being.

With deep understanding and radical honesty we move into direct connection with ourselves as pure awareness. Accessing that state of flow gives us the ability to drop into ourselves at any time. Dancing within this play called life, seeing the polarities of existence, expressed as creation yet remaining untouched we exist as That pure consciousness. With deep understanding of
ourselves comes deep joy.

The inner alchemy of surrendering brings forth an effortlessness, which arises that enlivens your senses, nourishes your body and awakens the soul. Practices in this process include:

– Connecting with your senses, sensual communion
– Cacao ceremony, sacred spaces
– Intimacy through touch, sound, breath, movement
– Sensual massages for deepening intimacy four couples


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