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Solstice Online Pilgrimidge in Egypt


Sacred journey through temples and pyramids

the Cosmic Soul Light Remembering, Reconnection, Realigment for 2024 

20.12. – 22.12.2023

 3 days online event

20. 12. – 22. 12. 2023

3 days 

Have you been feeling/hearing/seeing call in your unique way from Egypt? Or better to say from your soul, directing you to ancient land of Egypt and it’s temples, pyramids and mystery? Yet for whatsoever reason you have not been able to come to this land?  

Do you want to consciously elevate and amplify through power of this Solstice your souls highest potential and best outcome of the New Year 2024? 

If YES…I am here to be part of your call, readiness, actualization and solution for how to be in Egypt without leaving your home.

I am inviting you to step into your next level of self mastery and evolutionary embodiment of your potential.

Through your REMEMBERING of your own origin, essence, nature…

Through your RECONECTION to sacred sides of Egypt and wisdom stored in your body and soul. Through your re-alignment to your soverant, masterful and creatrix self.

By effortlessly RECEIVING what this pilgrimindge has in store for you through safe, supportive, empowering guidance, high vibrational space, togetherness and your participation from comfort of your home.

This is an exceptional journey that will recalibrate your life and lead you to embrace your potential and awesomeness wholeheartedly. 

Are you ready?


If you have your YES than this invitation is for you.

Zapiš si datum do kalendáře!








What else will be part of our program together while you will be visiting sacred sites, temples, tombs and pyramids with me online?


  • Group healing and body-mind-spirit attunment for alignment, harmony, balance of feminine and masculine an
  • Energetic recalibration
  • Solstice group activation of RA – sunlights , inner authority to your multidimensionality and higher self alignment, harmonization of solar plexus, activation of Merkaba
  • Sound and Light language transmission 
  • Channeled teachings 
  • FB private group for support, connection and direct broadcasting from the sacred sites with daily sharings from me directly from Giza Necropolis where I will be staying
  • Meditation 

Where you will go with me : 


       Sacred sites which you will visit with me and receive transmission, teaching and energy recalibration are Giza Necropolis complex with Sphinx, all 3 pyramids including Great Pyramid of Giza, Saqqara Necropolic complex and Red pyramid


“Are you aware that Egypt is the image of heaven, or rather, that it is the projection below of the order of things above? If the truth must be told, this land is indeed the temple of the world.”

– Hermes Trismegistus

One of My Egyptian journey 


special offer for this unique offering 

111 EUR

After your payment through payment form, you will receive email with link to the FB group where you will receive all the information and times when I will be going to the sacred sited and will do live broadcating which you can always join in your own time. 

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Your guide – Gabriella Amora

Gabriella Amora is a transformation facilitator, transpersonal incarnation therapist, mentor, educator and guide to women’s secrets, sacred sexuality and female embodiment. Provides healing transmissions and activations of souls in the ceremonial space. She is an inspiring speaker and passionate businesswoman in the field of health and wellness. It has evolved and grown through many trainings in various therapeutic and healing methods, including yoga, meditation and shamanic paths.

Gabriella Amora is considered one of the pioneers in the Czech Republic, which brought the raw food movement to the mainstream and, through her passion to share and educate about healthy living, founded Vitalvibe, which she led for 8 years in a new way of female leadership. Together with her former business partner and team, she has developed a successful business that helps many people make healthy food choices and increase their energy levels by supplying high quality superfoods. Since 2011, she has been running her own 21-day raw food training called Yourelife with holistic ingredients such as yoga, meditation, breathing, group circles and various treatments.

She is currently working on her mission to support and empower women in women’s embodiment and leadership and to facilitate positive transformations in collective evolution to an awareness of heart-centered unity through ways of working together.